Andrew Berlfein wins Ante Up World Championship Event #9



Andrew Berlfein of Daly City, Calif., was the chipleader when a six-way deal was reached to end Event #9 of the Ante Up World Championship – $300 Ante Up World Black Chip Bounty Championship – at Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln, Calif.

Berlfien and Barry Raymos of Fairfield, Calif., each earned $4,900, and four others each won $4,702 in the deal in the 254-player event.

Event #9 – $300 Ante Up World Black Chip Bounty Championship
Entries: 254, Prize Pool: $67,310

1st: Andrew Berlfein, Daly City, CA, $4,900
2nd: Barry Raymos, Fairfield, CA, $4,900
3rd: Cameron Anicete, Elk Grove, CA, $4,702
4th: Lance Donnell, Reno, NV, $4,702
5th: Khoa Tran, Sacramento, CA, $4,702
6th: Michael Riddle, Elk Grove, CA, $4,702
7th: Larry Thomas, Vacaville, CA, $1,676
8th: Bao Liu, Sacramento, CA, $1,257
9th: Jessica Berryhill, Montana, $943
10th: John Rogers, Sacramento, CA, $733
11th: Joey Hickson, Roseville, CA, $733
12th: Natnael Kebede, North Highlands, CA, $733
13th: Jalen Cobeen, Berkeley, CA, $629
14th: Joey Katzen, Tucson, AZ, $629
15th: Ricardo Lopez, Jr., Merced, CA, $629
16th: Michael Gilligan, Vallejo, CA, $524
17th: Maas Wells, Delhi, CA, $524
18th: Thomas Venz, Grass Valley, CA, $524
19th: Mustafa Id, San Jose, CA, $419
20th: Antonio Gutierrez, Lincoln, CA, $419
21st: Chris Trevino, Woodland, CA, $419
22nd: Arthur Hill, Stockton, CA, $314
23rd: Michael Jagues, CA, $314
24th: Timoteo Asper, Sacramento, CA, $314
25th: Howard Chen, Sacramento, CA, $314
26th: Duncan Nakata, Daly City, CA, $251
27th: Sap Su, Sacramento, CA, $251
28th: Travis Keppel, Woodland Hills, CA, $251
29th: David Valdez, Vacaville, CA, $251
30th: Jeffery Roy, Modesto, CA, $251

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