Doyle Johnson wins Ante Up World Championship Event #7



Doyle Johnson of Vacaville, Calif., was the chipleader when a deal was reached in Event #7 of the Ante Up World Championship – $235 No-Limit Hold’em – at Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln, Calif.

Johnson earned $4,402 after the deal, with Trevor Foley, Albert Sanchez and Travis Keppel each winning $4,400.

Event #7 – $235 No-Limit Hold’em
Entries: 165, Prize Pool: $33,000

1st: Doyle Johnson, Vacaville, CA, $4,402
2nd: Trevor Foley, Pittsburg, CA, $4,400
3rd: Albert Sanchez, Penryn, CA, $4,400
4th: Travis Keppel, Woodland Hills, CA, $4,400
5th: Dean Tokunaga, Roseville, CA, $3,000
6th: Nick Gorman, South Lake Tahoe, CA, $2,316
7th: Yee Vang, Elk Grove, CA, $1,986
8th: Matt Boddorf, Lincoln, CA, $1,656
9th: Spencer Widmeyer, Granite Bay, CA, $825
10th: Charlito Aseberos, Elk Grove, CA, $660
11th: Michael Postle, Sacramento, CA, $660
12th: Christopher Elkins, Fremont, CA, $660
13th: See Yang, Discovery Bay, CA, $495
14th: Kenneth Fitzgerald, Roseville, CA, $495
15th: Edward Bailey, Los Altos, CA, $495
16th: Kyle Welter, Winters, CA, $495
17th: Juan Olmos, Sacramento, CA, $413
18th: Bryan Ridgway, Roseville, CA, $413
19th: Shannon Kahahane, Lincoln, CA, $413
20th: "LT" Tran, Sacramento, CA, $413

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