Sean Drake wins Event #2 of Ante Up World Championship



Sean Drake of Folsom, Calif., has won Event #2 of the Ante Up World Championship, the $450 buy-in Ante Up World Deepstack No-Limit Championship, at Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln, Calif.

The 836-player field was the largest in history for a poker tournament at Thunder Valley Casino Resort, just north of Sacramento, Calif. The event had a $150,000 guaranteed prize pool, but the pool ended up being $312,204.

Drake earned $57,000 for the victory over runner-up Kao Vang of Pleasant Grove, Calif. The final table was live-streamed.

$450 Ante Up World Deepstack No-Limit Hold’em Championship
Entries: 836, Prize Pool: $312,204

1st: Sean Drake, Folsom, CA, $57,000
2nd: Kao Vang, Pleasant Grove, CA, $40,000
3rd: Exequiel "Allen" Fernando, Elk Grove, CA, $25,500
4th: Zac Dowhower, Manteca, CA, $19,000
5th: Tawfiq "Ted" Salman, Sacramento, CA, $14,200
6th: Sang Yu, Sacramento, CA, $11,000
7th: Evan Maurer, Santa Rosa, CA, $9,000
8th: Travis Keppel, Woodland Hills, CA, $7,164
9th: Khoa Tran, Sacramento, CA, $5,700
10th: Michael Hass, $4,180
11th: Timothy Finne, Fanwood, NJ, $4,180
12th: Mike Postle, Sacramento, CA, $4,180
13th: David Gallagher, Cottonwood, CA, $3,440
14th: Andrey Marasavin, San Jose, CA, $3,440
15th: Aaron Girvin, Roseville, CA, $3,440
16th: Donald Helmig, Folsom, CA, $2,990
17th: Joe Fernandez, Turlock, CA, $2,990
18th: Bao Liu, Sacramento, CA, $2,990
19th: Francis Alfonso, Fremont, CA, $2,600
20th: Joseph Peralta, Sacramento, CA, $2,600
21st: Sang "ST" Tran, Sacramento, CA, $2,600
22nd: Bariz Sudhanshu, San Francisco, CA, $2,240
23rd: Joe Ranciato, El Dorado Hills, CA, $2,240
24th: Ryan Deniz, Grass Valley, CA, $2,240
25th: Mario Ouijano, Mountain View, CA, $2,090
26th Steve Keeter, Vacaville, CA, $2,090
27th: Phuc Chau, Oakland, CA, $2,090
28th: Billy Rodriguez, San Francisco, CA, $1,800
29th: Robert Jones, Lincoln, CA, $1,800
30th: Hung Sam, Elk Grove, CA, $1,800
31st: Hieu Le, Elk Grove, CA, $1,800
32nd: Dan "Link" Conklin, Roseville, CA, $1,800
33rd: Jae Pak, El Dorado Hills, CA, $1,800
34th: Bruce Angeski, Sacramento, CA, $1,580
35th: Thomas Riggs, Modesto, CA, $1,580
36th: Shane Miller, Sacramento, CA, $1,580
37th: Paul White, Livermore, CA, $1,580
38th: Srinivas Sirigirisetty, Sunnyvale, CA, $1,580
39th: Keith Delany, Oakland, CA, $1,580
40th: Jeffrey Surdez, San Ramon, CA, $1,580
41st: Zhihao Zhang, San Mateo, CA, $1,580
42nd: Thomas Luallen, Junction City, CA, $1,580
43rd: Christopher Elkins, Fremont, CA, $1,370
44th: Luis Vega, Sacramento, CA, $1,370
45th: Douglas Jang, Antelope, CA, $1,370
46th: Kevin O’Donnell, North Las Vegas, NV, $1,370
47th: Chris Hinchcliffe, Olympia, WA, $1,370
48th: Rommel Damasco, Elk Grove, CA, $1,370
49th: Richard Plamer, Rocklin, CA, $1,370
50th: Duke Lee, San Jose, CA, $1,370
51st: Marcus Mims, Alameda, CA, $1,370
52nd:Joseph Barry, Emeryville, CA, $1,200
53rd: Shain Matthew, Marysville, CA, $1,200
54th: Larry Thomas, Vacaville, CA, $1,200
55th: Satish Sirigrisetty, Sunnyvale, CA, $1,200
56th: Sean Burson, Middletown, CA, $1,200
57th: Aquil Salahudeen, Suisun City, CA, $1,200
58th: Emanuel Sammartino, Fairfield, CA, $1,200
59th: Charles Mendoza, Citrus Heights, CA, $1,200
60th: Sean Lohman, Citrus Heights, CA, $1,200
61st: Andrew Berlfein, Yuba City, CA, $1,050
62nd: Jason Wortham, Fremont, CA, $1,050
63rd: Kao Saevang, Sacramento, CA, $1,050
64th: Ralph Trimm, Loomis, CA, $1,050
65th: David Roldan, Auburn, CA, $1,050
66th: Jason Simpson, Chico, CA, $1,050
67th: Andrew Barber, Sacramento, CA, $1,050

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