Nevada, Delaware sign interstate online poker pact



Nevada and Delaware, two of the three states that have regulated online gaming, have entered into a joint agreement to allow players in both states to play in the same online games together. This will provide some synergies between the states’ online operators. It also will address the issue of player liquidity. This is the first of its kind and will no doubt set the standard for similar agreements between any states who may in the future legalize online gaming.

Ifrah Law, based in Washington, D.C., was the law firm that put the agreement in place. It is regarded in the industry as the top American firm in the area of Internet gaming. It also represents some of the world’s top Internet gaming companies, including PokerStars and Full Tilt.

ANDERSON SIGNS:, was the first regulate online gaming site to go live in America, has signed pro Danielle Andersen to Ultimate Poker’s Team U. She is 29 and is known as “dmoongirl” online and has consistently been ruling whatever game she plays on the virtual felt.

MORE ULTIMATE: Ultimate Gaming (owner of and Peppermill Resort Spa Casino have agreed to a joint marketing partnership where will be the online poker room for the resort based in Reno. This will include the resort’s four properties of Western Village Inn and Casino, Peppermill Hotel Casino, Rainbow Hotel Casino and Montego Bay Hotel Casino. All of these properties will be able to accept deposits and cash out any registered online player, no matter which site the player uses.

CALIFORNIA: Barona Freeplay Online Poker announced it again will host its Main Event Mania Series. This is the third annual event, which allows players to compete online for $10K entries into the World Series of Poker Main Event. All players must be in the state.

There will be a series of events that lead up the final event. All players who make it through the initial tournaments will advance to the final event, where all final-table players will win an entry into either the WSOP main (three available seats) or one of the other events in the WSOP, including travel and expenses.

COALITION: In Washington, D.C., the Coalition to Stop Internet Gaming recently released a statement where it lauded the actions of 15 state attorney generals who have asked Congress to reinstate the ban on Internet gaming. The coalition’s goal is the get the ban put back into place. While it is unlikely Congress will restore the ban to include poker, the coalition is continuing its fight. I will continue to watch this story as it develops and report on any new information.

FULL TILT UPDATE: Did you hear that? That was the sound of thousands of online poker players rejoicing as Full Tilt has finally reimbursed its American accounts. If you were expecting your account to be credited, then it’s time to check it because everyone who put in for their account balance has been paid.

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