Legends Classic Series to debut in June at Binion’s



The Legends Classic Series, a new tour for players 45 and older, will kick off June 7-9 at Binion’s Gambling Hall in Las Vegas, Nev.

In its announcement news release, the tour says it aims to have a schedule of nationwide events by 2015. A number of pros have affiliated themselves with the tour, including Tom McEvoy, Cyndy Violette and Hoyt Corkins.

"I realize it’s a bit unconventional to have a senior poker tour allowing the 45-49 year-olds and call them ‘seniors’ but poker isn’t a conventional game, so we wanted to shake it up a bit and the response has been amazing," said CEO Tina Bergstrom. "We are bringing back the fun and entertaining characters everyone grew up watching on poker television."

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