Sago is more than just a poker manager at Inn of the Mountain Gods



By Donovan Livingston

Our spotlight on management takes us to southern New Mexico, to the amazing Inn of the Mountain Gods Casino and Resort, where manager Anthony Sago runs the poker room with the most action in the South. Because there’s no poker in Texas, the Inn gets a ton of players from there who come in for some action, and some of the biggest buy-ins and limits in the state are played in his room.

“The Inn of the Mountain Gods is nestled in the cool mountains of Southern New Mexico on the Mescalero Apache Reservation,” he said. “It not only offers the latest in Las Vegas style gaming, but picturesque views, glimpses of nature and wild life at its best. The Inn of the Mountain Gods has so much to offer at one location, such as golfing on our top rated golf course, fishing, boating, horseback riding and big-game hunting. It’s all at your fingertips. Not to mention world-class dining.”

Sago is a Native American from the Mescalero Apache Tribe. At 32 years old, he’s considered an veteran in the business.

“I have been in the casino business for 10 years, working on No. 11,” he said. “I started as a blackjack dealer and worked my way through the ranks and grew from there. Poker always intrigued me so it was one of the games I wanted to learn the most, and I am still learning.”

The reason Sago does such a great job in his room is because he, like many of us in the industry, is a player first. When asked if he plays, he said: “Yes, I absolutely love the game. I grew up playing cards with family and friends. I learned at a very young age the basic principles of poker through games like rummy, five-card draw and war. When Texas Hold’em was introduced to me about nine years ago and I was hooked.”

When he’s not at the tables winning, or in the room managing, Sago has many hobbies.

“I really love spending time with my four kids and wife, Amber. I also enjoy “when she lets me” playing golf and hanging out with the guys on poker night. Don’t get me wrong, I wear the pants, she just decides which ones I wear,” he said laughing.

So what’s happening at the Inn now?

“Right now we have the ‘Road to the Main Event’ monthly tournament that we host for $330 from February through May. They are always a big draw for our players.”

Sounds like a great way to win your way to Vegas!

“Come out and see us. You will love it out here. I don’t believe there’s another place in the world with this kind of setting and the ability to have one of the most relaxing and exciting getaways. The Inn of the Mountain Gods is great for the human spirit.”

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