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I have heard a lot of discussion about re-entry tournament policies regarding alternates waiting to play after someone busts. Is there a standard policy? Does a busted player go to the end of the line behind the alternates or do they get priority to get back in because they are “vested” with his prior entry? To me it seems logical they would go to the end of the line, but I’ve been hearing and seeing on forums in other areas that’s not the case.

Since re-entry tournaments are popular in the Los Angeles area and every series seems to have multiple re-entry events, including some with multiple flights spread over multiple days, I thought I would ask local tournament directors Mo Fathipour of the Bicycle Casino and Craig Kaufman of the Hustler Casino for their input.

Both of their answers were the same that if you had, for example 50 alternates, the busted player would be No. 51. Check to see what policy they use at any casino you plan to visit, but it’s good to know if you visit my home area they seem to use what I feel is common sense.

COMMERCE: September’s tournament scene was headlined by the Commerce Poker Series, which ran Sept. 4-23. Making their mark on the cash list were well-known tournament pro Allen Cunningham and UFC announcer Bruce Buffer, who both finished second in events this series. Hall of Famer Barbara Enright had two cashes in the series. It was great to see a woman win, as Julie Le won Event 7, a $235 no-limit hold’em double-stack tournament.

Local player Ronnie McMillan had a phenomenal series, winning the $175 H.O.R.S.E Event 8 and the $236 pot-limit Omaha/8 Event 22. Kris Tong took down the $1,650 main event for more than $165K, but the field was littered with pros as Allen “Chainsaw” Kessler finished ninth, Amnon Filippi finished 18th, Gavin Griffin was 32nd and Todd Terry placed 47th.

If you’re in Los Angeles in early November, you can still catch the end of the Liz Flynt Fall Classic at Hustler Casino. There are multi-flight re-entry events running through Oct. 31 and the $300 main event with two starting flights on Nov. 2-3 with another on Nov. 4.

After that, we head back again to the Commerce for the L.A. Poker Open starting Nov. 6 with a $150 opening event. There are plenty of games other than NLHE during the 20-event series, which culminates with the World Poker Tour championship starting Nov. 22 and a $300 ladies event on Nov. 24 and satellites on the 23rd.

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