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This month I interviewed a couple that lives in the New Orleans area and has been making their living off of the poker scene for quite some time. It’s rare to find couples whose daily lives consist of poker. Morgan Bowers and Jeff Sager hit up Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans regularly and have been together quite some time. I asked Morgan about their relationship.

Did one teach the other how to play or did you meet on the poker table? We met during a Saints game. He taught me to play poker online; we started pursuing it together and thus began both of our poker careers. … Jeff taught me the ins and outs of poker … but once I reached a certain level, we began to learn together.

What are some advantages and disadvantages you experience? Luckily, for us, it’s not a disadvantage that we’re both serious poker players. People always ask us “Who’s the better player?” … It’s really difficult to be a serious poker player and have a relationship at the same time. … Our biggest setback is having to leave or stay when the other one wants to.

For my final question I’ll ask both of you, do you play each other differently? (MORGAN) It totally affects my play when he’s at the table. I can never focus. … I probably play a little more conservatively when he’s at the table. Just seeing him is like a reminder to wise up a little bit and maybe chill out on the triple-barrel bluff-type plays. (JEFF) It’s love-hate being at the same table as her. I love her being there at the table because we talk, joke, etc., but at the same time it’s kind of like a dead seat to me. … dead seat meaning another good player sitting at the table that you wouldn’t target.

7 CLANS: The 7 Clans Poker Cup ran Sept. 17-22 at Coushatta Casino Resort in Kinder, La., including a charity event that raised $9,030 for the Vietnam Veterans of America Inc. The $270 buy-in attracted 129 players, including me, and I chopped first place for $4,134. The main event drew 236 players for a $217K prize pool. The final two chopped as Lawrence Lazar took home $40,689 for first and Larry Green won $38,689 for second. They were followed by Edward Lenggenhager ($21,747), Donald Webb ($18,485), Ada Lang ($16,310), Nester Punay ($11,961), John Thomas ($10,873), Kelvine Vu ($9,786), Thomas O’Neal ($7,611) and Christopher Runte ($6,524).

WSOPC: The World Series of Poker Circuit hits Horseshoe Bossier City on Nov. 7-18.

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