Poker games go round-by-round at Motor City Casino



With the growing popularity of pot-limit Omaha, Motor City Casino has started spreading a $2-$5 NLHE-PLO round-by-round game on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays. The poker room will be opening as many as four tables for these games on those days depending on demand. April 2 was the first day of the new game and it attracted 40 players. Local player Brock Wilson was at the first session and discussed the action.

“The action on Day 1 was out of this world,” he said. “The main game was playing super deep for a $2-$5 game.”

By all reports, the game outlived its Tuesday and Wednesday schedule. Brooke Ziomek, media-relations coordinator for Motor City said, “Based on its initial unveiling, we think this will become a fan favorite with our players.”

“The game never showed signs of slowing,” Wilson said. It was still running on Friday of its first week, and despite only playing four or five hours each day, Wilson did well in the game. “There honestly aren’t even words to describe the play,” he said.

It seems PLO is the latest hot trend in Southeast Michigan, with new PLO or PLO/8 games running at Motor City Casino, Northville Downs (Northville), Sunnybrook (Sterling Heights), Big Beaver Tavern (Troy) and even down south at Hollywood Casino (Toledo).

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