Be the biggest loser at Ladbrokes



In online poker just as in life, you’ll have more than your share of unlucky losses – the kind where you go all-out to achieve something, only to find that on this occasion, while the risk is on your side, the reward is not.

You’ll find it every day in online casino, and especially on those poker sites where unlucky losers put it all on the line on hand after hand.

A new promotion running on well-known poker site Ladbrokes is aiming to change all that. Its new Bad Beat Jackpot poker contest seeks to reward the perennial runners-up with a huge jackpot for the players who so often snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

The premise of the Bad Beat Jackpot is simple enough; to participate, players opt in by contributing a small portion of each bet to a rolling jackpot. Once a showdown between two players occurs, the cards are shown. Typically if the loser’s hand is strong enough to have won in any other given scenario but loses this one, it should trigger the Bad Beat Jackpot, which only this week was worth 371,000 Euros when it paid out to a winner.

The losing hand was a straight flush; but we’re sure the sting of his loss was somewhat eased upon receiving that jackpot. The winner of the hand also got a share of the jackpot with a second prize of 100,000 Euros, while the rest of the cash prize was split between the other players on that table who had opted in.

The Bad Beat Jackpot has paid out twice more in the past week alone; quad-2s which would’ve won any other hand went down to quad-6s and paid out over 375,000 Euros, while another lucky loser picked up almost 230,000 Euros a day later. Now that the restrictions have been loosened on hand strength and admin fees, more players have a chance of a more frequent payout – something which any poker player should place a cheeky side wager on when the cards are dealt.

The Ladbrokes Bad Beat Jackpot moves from strength to strength, with Freeroll offers for Ladbrokes players who take part in the BBJ games, and fortunes are decided with the draw of a card – will you be next for a share of the big money as Ladbrokes’ Biggest Loser?

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