2012-13 WSOP Circuit Lodge Casino Day 2: Kevin Eyster Leads Final 11 Players



After another action-filled day in Black Hawk, Day 2 of the 2012-13 World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event at the Lodge Casino ended withKevin Eyster leading the final 11. He bagged up 1.23 million, but a few players are nipping at his heels. Jonathan Taylor is next with 1.162 million, and Ashly Butler is also near with 1.158 million.

End-of-Day Chip Counts for Day 2

Place Player Chips
1 Kevin Eyster 1,230,000
2 Jonathan Taylor 1,162,000
3 Ashly Butler 1,158,000
4 Rosie Paules 1,017,000
5 Allan Hedin 1,003,000
6 Ting Ho 677,000
7 Isaac Kirchner 552,000
8 Jerry Johnson 466,000
9 Lawrence Blazer 420,000
10 Bryan Campanello 393,000
11 Benjamin Kim 306,000

Estyer took the chip lead after a big pot just before we got down to two tables in Level 22. We didn’t catch the action until the river but a mountain of chips in the middle and a board that read {6-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{J-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{3-Spades} remained. David Pecaski made a bet of 120,000, and Eyster responded by moving all in, having Pecaski covered. Pecaski tanked for a couple of minutes, clearly pained by the decision. Eventually, he tossed his hand toward the dealer, sending the chips to Eyster.

Pecaski plummeted to 205,000 after the hand, while Eyster jumped up to a chip-leading stack of 742,000. From there, Eyster continued to climb toward the top.

At the beginning of Day 2 2, 144 players took their seats and hit the money just before the dinner break. Among the notables who walked away empty-handed were the Massey brothers, Aaron and Ralph, Ray Henson, Allen Kessler, Justin Gardenhire, and Mitch Schock. Ralph Massey busted in a huge pot just before the money bubble.

Michael Taylor just made it into the money, busting in a double knockout on the bubble. Following Taylor out the door were Mstr Lynch (40th — $2,854), David “ODB” Baker (28th — $3,953), Derrick Yamada (22nd — $5,223) and Ryan Riess (21st — $6,119).

The final 11 players will get some much-needed rest before returning in just under 11 hours after the completion of play. The cards will be back in the air at noon local time. Once play begins, it won’t stop until a winner is crowned. That lucky player will win $138,938, the coveted gold WSOP Circuit ring and an automatic seat the the WSOP National Championship in New Orleans in May.

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