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From their new studio in St. Charles, Mo., Vic Porcelli and Andy Kazen are This podcast is part of the 2GuysTalking Network created by Mike Wilkerson. The show is a casual conversation between two friends talking about a common passion.

“We try to be inclusive, not exclusive,” Porcelli said. “I don’t think this show is for beginners that don’t know a flush beats a straight, but we don’t try to talk over anybody’s head and try to be cool.”

They’ve interviewed Norman Chad, Ante Up’s Jonathan Little and Michael Mizrachi, among others. Local content has included Tony Russo from River City Casino and area poker room dealers to give their perspective from inside the box.

“During interviews, we try to ask people questions they’re not normally asked,” Kazen said.

Chad was happy to be greeted with “Hidey Ho!” and that set the tone for a light-hearted interview. Kazen has worked in broadcast sales, but this is his first time behind the mike. He’s a member of a monthly poker club that sends 10 players to World Series of Poker $1,500 events and one player to the main event. He won a $1,500 seat last year and included that experience on the show. Many of the hand examples come from the club.

“If I sound good at all, it’s because my partner has been a broadcaster in this market for 30 years,” Kazen said, “and he makes me feel comfortable.”

“If we disagree on how to play a hand, which we have, that doesn’t mean I’m right and he’s wrong. It just shows different approaches,” Porcelli said.

“We’ve gotten feedback from people that they actually like it when we disagree. It creates a good dynamic,” Kazen said.

— Don Matusofsky is Ante Up’s Missouri Ambassador. Email him at

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