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Choctaw Casino recently wrapped up its third annual World Series of Poker Circuit in January, drawing record attendance that resulted in some hefty prize pools. (Results are below). Congratulations to Choctaw Casino on another great series.

RIVER SPIRIT: Congratulations also goes out to River Spirit poker room manager Justin Buckley on a successful $40K tournament.  There was a great turnout (225 players) for the two starting days for a $60,750 prize pool.

WINSTAR: The WinStar World Casino Mini River Series was still running as of press time, and turnout was excellent for those events. This series is an extension of the wildly popular annual $3 million guarantee River Series that takes place over Labor Day weekend.

DOWNSTREAM: Speaking of holiday weekends, mark your calendar for Memorial Day weekend for the Four States Poker Championship/Ante Up Poker Tour hosted by Downstream Casino Resort. The tournament will run May 17-26.

A wide variety of events will be offered, including no-limit hold’em, pot-limit Omaha, stud, razz, Omaha/8 and H.O.R.S.E. During the series, players will earn points based on how high they place in each event in a race to become the event’s “Master of Poker.” Plus the top 10 players in each event will earn Ante Up Player of the Year points.

“The Four States Poker Championship is a chance for the players to play events that they may have seen on TV, but never got a chance to play,” poker room manager Dale Hunter said. “We try to bring more affordable events to our players. I am always trying to talk to our guests and offer the games that they are interested in playing.”

Downstream Casino Resort features a two-tower luxury hotel, with heated outdoor pool, spa, golf course and several dining options, including the Red Oak Steakhouse. Discounted room rates will be offered to tournament players, and I can’t think of a better place to play and stay over Memorial Day weekend.

TEXAS: A big congratulations and good luck to Ruth “Ruthless” Hall on achieving her dream to play in the WSOP main event this year. “A dream come true,” she said. Since appearing in my February column, she has been riding hot streak, and one of her latest victories was winning a $10K WSOP seat at one of her favorite annual charity events, All-In for the Hungry, which had a $300 donation entry.
She said she took a gamble with about 50 players left right after the dinner break, and it paid off for her.

“In mid position I raised with A-10 suited,” she said. “The big blind called and the flop was 10-J-3 rainbow. He bet out and I smooth called. The turn was a queen and he bet again, but I could tell he didn’t like that lady. I called again with the intent to steal on the river if I missed. The river was a nine. I was pretty sure he only had a jack. He bet again and I shoved all-in with just 10s. He mucked A-J in disgust, so I scooped a really nice pot.”

Good luck in Vegas!

— Bonnie Demos is Ante Up’s Oklahoma-Kansas Ambassador. Email her at

WSOPC, Choctaw Casino Resort, Durant, Okla., Jan. 3-21

Event 1 • $365 NLHE
Entries: 481 • Pool: $144,300
James Henson, $31,021
Event 2 • $580 NLHE
Entries: 2,209 • Pool: $1.1M
Ross Bybee, $168,433
Event 3 • $365 NLHE
Entries: 343 • Pool: $102,900
Erin Slaughter, $23,660
Event 4 • $365 NLHE
Entries: 338 • Pool: $101,400
Aaron Ruppert, $23,326
Event 5 • $365 NLHE
Entries: 316 • Pool: $94,800
Michael Hahn, $22,276
Event 6 • $365 6-Max
Entries: 383 • Pool: $114,900
Kevin Eyster, $27,573
Event 7 • $365 NLHE
Entries: 283 • Pool: $84,900
Michael Schneider, $20,374
Event 8 • $365 NLHE
Entries: 356 • Pool: $106,800
Allan Farber, $24,569
Event 9 • $365 PLO
Entries: 266 • Pool: $79,800
David Nicholson, $19,547
Event 10 • $365 NLHE
Entries: 356 • Pool: $106,800
Austin Apicella, $24,569
$1,675 Main Event
Entries: 1,140 • Pool: $1.7M
Jeffrey Fielder, $312,080
Event 12 • $580 NLHE
Entries: 279 • Pool: $139,500
Samuel Panzica, $33,477

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