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Generally speaking, tournament players get most of the attention in the poker community. From the large top prizes, prestigious titles and TV time, tournaments attract players from all around the world. But what are poker rooms doing to attract loyal cash-game players? They are adding various jackpots and numerous promotions to create buzz and bring in new players.

Jackpots and promotions are becoming the norm in most casinos and some are becoming quite inventive with their marketing ideas. Here are a few Northern California rooms that are ahead of the curve when it comes to making cash-game grinders happy and eager to return.

101 CASINO: In Petaluma, this room runs some great promotions, one of which is Morning Bargains. This will allow you to buy in for $80 and receive $100 in chips. You must play for two hours and it provides free breakfast before 8:30 a.m. The room also has Omaha Bargains before 11 a.m., which will give you $20 when buying in for $100. Finally, 101 Casino offers a Super Bad Beat, Mini Bad Beat, Omaha jackpot, Aces Cracked, royal flush and high-hand bonuses daily.

ARTICHOKE JOE’S: In San Bruno, Joe’s has a wide variety of jackpots that will fit any player’s needs. It offers a Big Hand Double, Double Hand 9 High, Texas Hold’em Bad Beat and Omaha jackpots. Artichoke Joe’s pays out a massive amount of money each month to its players and continues to be one of the hot spots in NorCal for jackpots and promotions.

LIVERMORE CASINO: You can go to its website and print out a coupon that allows you to receive $50 in chips when you buy-in for $20. You must play for two hours minimum and it must be your first time playing in the poker room. Livermore Casino also offers a bad-beat jackpot, royal-flush bonuses and three daily high-hand bonuses.
Make sure to check out the Where to Play section in the back of the magazine as many of these rooms are constantly adding new promotions and inventing new ways to make cash games more profitable than ever.

— Garrett Roth is the Ante Up Ambassador for Northern California and the Where to Play editor. Email him at roth@anteupmagazine.com and follow him on Twitter @GarrettRoth.

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