Meet Michael Chapman, poker room manager at Rivers Casino



I recently caught up with Rivers Casino poker room manager Michael Chapman to discuss his plans for the poker room in Pittsburgh.

How long have you been in poker? I started in poker by taking classes at the Mirage in Las Vegas in 1993. I have spent most of my time in the pit, though.

What can players expect from a room run by Michael Chapman? Integrity. I was told by my father integrity is the only thing the world can’t take from you so hold on to it and never give it away. I always try to improve on everything and while I may be stubborn, I welcome changes that improve the game and the experience of playing poker. Many managers lose sight of the fact that everyone involved in poker (players, dealers and room managers) want the same thing, accuracy in dealing, a pleasant environment, honest games and as many hands as we can see that follows those factors.

Do you play poker? I do enjoy playing poker but don’t get to as often as I’d like. I prefer a good $5-$10 stud game, but some $1-$3 NLHE or $6-$12 or $8-$16 hold’em is fun, too.

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