Competitive market closes two more Reno poker rooms



Reno recently lost two poker rooms that were unable to survive in the highly competitive market. Circus Circus and Harrah’s were forced to close their rooms as the recent expansion of poker rooms, such as the Peppermill and Atlantis, has made it difficult for competing rooms to hold their share of the market.

The Reno poker economy first took a hit when California legalized poker a few decades ago, and then again when tribal casinos were introduced. Thunder Valley, a tribal casino between Sacramento and Reno, has become a major contender with the Reno poker scene.
With the increase in competition and the loss of players, Reno found itself with too many poker rooms and not enough business to accommodate them all. It was only a matter of time before these smaller rooms would become obsolete. With these recent changes, players will be consolidated to the remaining rooms, hopefully making for better quality games.

Circus Circus had been open since 1978 and Harrah’s long before that. Both rooms hosted the best games in town back in their day. While both properties have been a staple in Reno for many years, they have dealt their last hands of poker. … for now.

— Cordell Howard is Ante Up’s Ambassador for Reno. Email him at

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