Lisa Fortman wins Pala Winter Poker Open Main Event



After 14 hours of poker action, Lisa Fortman of Encinitas, CA, went all-in with a 6-2 on Feb. 26 against Frank Cortese’s J-2 and won $8, 575 and the main event of the Pala Winter Poker Open at Pala Casino Spa & Resort.

With a final board of J-5-6-6-8, Fortman’s three sixes beat Cortese’s two J’s for the title. Fortman also won Pala’s fourth River Card traveling trophy while Cortese took home $4,862 for second place. The main event paid 27 places from 286 entries and a $28,600 prize pool.

The other winners included: John Flynn, Vista, CA, $2,674; Ed Tamura, Fallbrook, CA, $2,002; Michael Bishop, Carlsbad, CA, $1,716; Carmin Wick, Los Angeles, CA, $1, 430; Francisco Hernandez, San Diego, CA, $1,144; Joe Kuhn, Tucson, AZ, $856; Rick Collins, Vista, CA, $572; Ryan Geatry, San Diego, CA, $372; Greg Heslip, Poway, CA, $372; James Paticica, Chula Vista, CA, $372; Dave Grimes, Valley Center, CA, $315; Herbert Gavrano, Lake Elsinore, CA, $315; Seth Krasne, Tucson, AZ, $315; Ron Byrd, Irvine, CA, $257; Brent Rababy, Carlsbad, CA, $257; Scott Wang, Arcadia, CA, $257; Keith Everhart, Escondido, CA, $215; Mark Lademora, San Diego, CA, $215; Bruce Small, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, $215; Danny Ho, San Diego, CA, $215; Richard Harris, Mission Viejo, CA, $215; Saul Colman, Moreno Valley, CA, $215; Edgar Dela Cruz, San Diego, CA, $215; Puma Martin, Pala, CA, $215, and Eric Larson, Carlsbad, CA, $215.

The River Card traveling trophy is sponsored by the River Card, Inc. poker clothing company. The name of each winner of a River Card tournament is engraved on the trophy and the winner receives a replica.

The Pala Winter Poker Open started Saturday, Feb. 18 and hosted 13 additional No Limit Hold’em events.

Randi Breach of San Dimas, CA, became the first winner when she outlasted eight players in the $4,800 Ladies International Poker Series (LIPS) tournament on Feb. 18. Nine players won $533 in a nine-way chop and Breach won an additional $240 for the tournament seat. Other winners included Wendy Lau, Ladera Ravel, CA; Maria Morales, Huntington Beach, CA; Joan Short, Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Lucy Hangett, Oceanside, CA; Gayle Frank, San Diego, CA; Maria Ann Boucher, Riverside, CA; Emily Olmstead, Escondido, CA, and Jennifer Gianera, San Diego, CA.

Tournament Results:

Feb. 19; $100 entry; 144 Entrants; Prize Pool, $10,800
First, Vlad Rogov, San Diego, CA, $2,488 chop; Second, Showguang Lee, Diamond Bar, CA, $2,488 chop; Third, Javier Diaz, Temecula, CA, $1,188; Fourth, Debbie Allen, Lakewood, CA, $972; Fifth, Robert Benz, Pauma, CA, $864 Sixth; Rick Collins, Vista, CA, $756; Seventh, John Flynn, Vista, CA, $645; Eighth, Seymour Ogeare, Moreno Valley, CA, $540; Ninth, Robert Adams, Hemet, CA, $412; Tenth, Wallid Dahoud, Laguna Hills, CA, $320; Eleventh, William Santos, Oceanside, CA, $100.

Feb. 20, Deepstack; $50; 77 entrants; Prize Pool, $3,850
First, David Linfor, $1,014; Second, Jose Villanueva, $693; Third, John Stephens, $424; Fourth, Bill Richard, $347; Fifth, John Nemess, $308; Sixth, Mark Leggesh, $270; Seventh, Seth Han, $231; Eighth, Ron Ansen, $193; Ninth, Donald Myers, $154; Tenth, Kelly Sprinkle, $116; Eleventh, Jason Hoffman, $100.

Feb. 20; $50; 54 Entrants; Prize Pool: $2,700
First, William Berman, Carlsbad, CA, $950; Second, Kenneth Low, Newbury,, CA, $859; Third, Marcel Guillermo, Temecula, CA, $486; Fourth, Ingermar Rodriguez, CA, $242; Fifth, Nick Spiteri, Vista, CA, $162.

Feb. 21; $75; 16 Entrants; Prize Pool: $1,200
Two-way chop, Gary Nestman, Escondido, CA, $600; Thomas Thompson, Lake Forest, CA, $600..

Feb. 21; $75 SURVIVOR; 10 Entrants; Prize Pool: $825
Steve Alkema, Fallbrook CA, $825

Feb. 22; $100 OMAHA HI-LO; 42 Entrants; Prize Pool: $4,200
First, Steve Wilkner, Poway, CA, $1,680; Second, Conrad Parker, Escondido, CA, $1,176; Third, Bob Muehlberg, Temecula, CA, $840; Fourth, Patrice Arundel, Vista, CA, $504.

Feb. 23; $65; 17 Entrants; Prize Pool: $1,105
First, Bob Zafiratos, Fountain Valley, CA, $663; Second, Eric Holmstorm, San Diego, CA, $276; Third, Robert Sevilla, Chino, CA, $166.

Feb. 24; $55 SENIORS; 37 Entrants; Prize Pool: $1,850
First, Rick Collins, Vista, CA, $740; Second, Bill Richard, Carlsbad, CA, $518; Third, Lisa Serbin, San Diego, CA, $370; Fourth, Byron Shimizu, Oceanside, CA, $222.

Feb.24; $35; 69 Entrants; Prize Pool, $2,415
First, Dick Hoeber, Escondido, CA, $700; Second, Louis Wallace, Oceanside, CA, $435; Third, Eddie Salsido, Oceanside, CA, $266; Fourth, Patsy Karimi, San Diego, CA, $217; Fifth, Dave Grimes, Oceanside. CA, $193; Sixth, Sandra Ruby, Cardiff, CA, $169; Seventh, Wade Morgan, Wildomar, CA, $145; Eighth, John Gabriel, Fallbrook, CA, $121; Ninth, Trevor Dickson, La Mesa, CA, $97; Tenth, John Moorman, Oceanside, CA, $72..

Feb. 26; $65; 41 Entrants; Prize Pool, $2,665
First, Kelly Sprinkle, Vista, CA, $445; Second, James Palis, $444;Third, Anonymous, $444; Fourth, Walter Windrum, $444; Fifth, Hesam Kassian, $444; Sixth, Warren Karp, $444.

Feb. 27; $50 KNOCKOUT; 19 Entrants; Prize Pool, $1,330
First, Nicholas Wehr, San Diego, CA, $456; Second, L. Russell Cabais, San Diego, CA, $190; Third, Anthony Brown, San Diego, CA, $114.

Feb. 28; $35; 45 Entrants; Prize Pool, $1,575
First, Virginia Yassin, Vista, CA, $630; Second, Manuel Sundiman, Los Angeles, CA, $441; Third, Randy Gonzalez, Chino, CA, $315; Fourth, Jeff Lundberg, Fountain Valley, CA, $189.

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