Atlantis Internet Group Launches First Legal Intranet Gaming Platform



On Wednesday, the Atlantis Internet Group Corp. (ATIG), a Nevada-based gaming innovator, announced the launch of the first form of legal Intranet gaming within the United States. The news was the result of a signed agreement between the Coushatta Indian Casino in Louisiana and the Coyote Valley Casino in California, two of the tribal casinos in the company’s Tribal Gaming Network.

According to ATIG’s press release: press release:

“ATIG’s Tribal Gaming Network was established in 2009 when the company was granted an opinion by the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) to operate its Virtual Private Network (VPN) in Indian Casinos nationwide. In addition, ATIG has brought together some of the world’s most prominent gaming vendors to offer Class III, Class II and online games on its proprietary Private Gaming Network to link together Indian Casinos from 28 States. This first of its kind multi-game platform offers products from major gaming vendors on one machine including Table Games, Slots, Simulated Horse Racing, Nationwide Poker, Simulated Sportsbook, Live Online Dealer Games, and featuring only the second Powerball-like Lotto product.”

After Black Friday, the Tribal Gaming Network was the only real-money online network to legally offer poker in the United States, though it was only available on Indian lands throughout the country. Now that the Department of Justice has changed its stance on the Wire Act, casinos around the world are exploring the option of intrastate poker, something the ATIG and its Tribal Gaming Network have decided to pioneer.

“We have a huge leg up on the competition, having mastered play-for-fun marketing sites since 2003,” said ATIG President and CEO Donald L. Bailey, “Now, based on the NIGC opinion, to date ATIG is the only gaming company that can legally offer online linking games other than bingo, nationwide for live cash, such as poker and progressive jackpots. This is a new technology that has never been offered in the gaming Industry before today. ATIG’s gaming platform works within the casinos on Slots, Kiosks, on Android mobile phones and Samsung Tablets and some of our games play on iPhones. It’s the next generation of server-based technology; in short, it’s a casino within a casino.”

This latest announcement comes more than a year after ATIG revealed that it had reached a licensing agreement with the Cake Poker Network, which would supply the software of the Tribal Gaming Network.

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