Nothing warms a poker player more than cold cash



What is worse than a cold deck? Catching cold cards in cold weather. Welcome to Michigan in the dead of winter. I bet you’re like me and prefer cold hard cash over cold hard winters. And what is better than cold hard cash? Free frosty Franklins … as in Benjamins.

Every Tuesday until Feb. 21, Greektown Casino’s poker room will give away up to $1,200 a day in their Frosty Cash Drawings promotion. That is $100 an hour, every hour, from 11:30 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. The cool thing about the Frosty Cash Drawings is rollover. Yep. That’s right. If the winner is not present to claim the cash, that prize rolls over into the next drawing.

Players are entered into drawings by making a straight or better. How hard can that be, really? Players seem to do it to me all of the time. For three weeks in February, there may be an upside to getting your flopped straight beat by a rivered runner-runner flush. Both players in this type of hand qualify for the Frosty Cash Drawing.

This promotion is not just for cash games. Hit a qualifying hand in one of Greektown’s tournaments and you’re entered into the drawing. And if your straight or better gets beat, don’t fret. You still get entered into the drawing.

You’ll need a Club Greektown card to participate. There’s no charge to sign up, plus, you receive one entry into the drawings just for registering.

You must be present to win, just as you do to take down a table share of hitting a bad-beat jackpot.

Speaking of bad-beat jackpots, the one at Greektown is more than $100K for quads over quads or better. The other Michigan casino poker room bad-beat jackpot estimates (as of press time) are listed below, from high to low:

MGM Grand Detroit: roughly $73K for quads over quads or better.

Firekeepers Casino: $61K-plus for aces full of jacks or better losing to quads or better.

Soaring Eagle Casino: nearly $32K for quads over quads or better.

MotorCity Casino: about $9K for quads over quads or better.

Scoring even a table share of these jackpots would help me forget about cold cards. … and cold weather.

— Sammy Wynn is Ante Up’s Michigan Ambassador. Contact him by email at or through his website at

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