North Carolina moves closer to live dealers



North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue finalized an amended compact with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Principal Chief Michell Hicks on Nov. 28. This deal, which allows for live dealers across all casino games, would mean about 400 new jobs (roughly 240 as dealers) in North Carolina.

The deal is a 30-year compact with a percentage of revenue supporting local schools in the state. The percentage will increase every five years starting at 1 percent and maxing out at 8.5 percent.

On Dec. 2 the General Assembly attorneys sent a letter to Perdue’s office with questions about the new agreement and wanted two sections of it rewritten before they would agree to change the gambling laws. House leaders are worried the deal would create a monopoly for the casino and that it’s unclear on how funds are to be distributed. Said Perdue press secretary Chris Mackey: “We don’t believe that there are any obstacles that stand in the way of the General Assembly authorizing the governor to create these jobs.”

The General Assembly session reconvenes on Feb. 16, when Perdue expects lawmakers to make adjustments to complete the deal by the end of February. Harrah’s said once the deal is final it would take about 90 days before it would have staff ready to offer live play.


Many pros and celebrities turned out for U Care’s Big Charity Game in Richmond, Va., as some players traveled more than 500 miles for a chance to play (and knock out) a pro for a good cause.

Some of the familiar faces included Michael “Grinder” Mizrachi, Chino Rheem, Jason Lee, Ante Up’s Cris Belkewitch and MMA announcer Elliot Wilborn. Sponsors included Bustout Poker Clothing, Blue Shark Optics, DeepStacks University and Off Tilt Poker Tables.

The first night saw a fast pace because the event had unlimited rebuys until the first break. The crowd erupted when Rheem busted out within the first five minutes of play and yelled “Rebuy!” He had nine rebuys in about 90 minutes. Players who eliminated pros received a $50 bounty. Tom Chisari won the event and the $1K World Series of Poker seat.

Lee made it to the final table of the main event and finished sixth. For future tournaments go to

— Mark Rhoades is Ante Up’s Ambassador for North Carolina. Email him

U Care charity results

Nov. 11
1. Tom Chisari,$1K WSOP seat
2. Marcus Smith, $555 WSOPC seat
Nov. 12 (11 a.m.)
1. Ricky Petry, $1,600 WSOPC seat
2. Charles Smith, $555 WSOPC seat
3. Ryan Burch, $345 WSOPC seat
4. Bryan Pavasko, $235 WSOPC seat
5. Rich Rebmann, $235 WSOPC seat
6. Sonny Graham, $235 WSOPC seat
Nov. 12 (7 p.m.)
1. Chris Polson, $555 WSOPC seat
2. Lisa Hodgess, $345 WSOPC seat
3. Bryan Pavasko, $235 WSOPC seat
4. Greg Burtchett, $235 WSOPC seat
5. Ricky Petry, $235 WSOPC seat
6. George Webster, $235 WSOPC seat
7. John Jackson, $235 WSOPC seat
8. Kelly Mann, $235 WSOPC seat
9. Lewis Longest, $235 WSOPC seat
Nov. 13
1. Gordon Reamey, $2,500 WSOP seat
2. Lewis Longest, $1,600 WSOPC
3. Greg Mitchell, $1,500 WSOP
4. Victor Ruffilo, $1K WSOP
5. N/A
6. Jason Lee, $345 WSOPC
7. Jack Walls, $235 WSOPC

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