World Series of Poker Circuit Atlantic City Day 2: Phan’s The Man



Day 2 of the 2011 World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event at Harrah’s Atlantic City is in the books. The day began with 215 players, but that number skyrocketed when more than 100 players lined up to be alternates. When the dust settled, the tournament fielded 618 entrants, generating a prize pool of $899,190. Make the final table and you’re guaranteed $17,516. Win and you take home $188,830 and the gold ring.

No player had a more turbulent day than our chip leader, Tuan Phan. Phan was not afraid to get all of his chips in the middle and was fortunate enough to win a 200,000-chip pot against Chris Reslock when he flopped a set against Reslock’s flopped flush. The board paired on the river, eliminating Reslock from the tournament and propelling Phan to the top of the leaderboard. Phan finished with an impressive 1.060 million chips, and we’ll see if he can go wire-to-wire on Monday.

Hung Truong entered the day as the leader with 211,200 chips and survived with 692,000 chips in his stack. He could’ve finished stronger — his peak was well over 700,000 — but he’s certainly happy advancing to Day 3. Jimmy Born was second in chips entering the day and also will return on Day 3 to chase the gold. Like Truong, Born was at one time flirting with seven figures, but only managed to bag 510,000 chips.

Peter Ippolito cashed, but failed to reach a second final table at this stop. He won Event #1 for $37,926, and added $4,388 to that today with his 33rd-place finish. Other notables who cashed included Sirous Jamshidi (57th, $2,940), Mark Rose (54th, $3,192), Ashira Lavine ($3,192), Jeffrey Papola (38th, $3,507), and Steven Tabb (26th, $5,755).

Quite a few well-known players busted short of the money, including Mark “Pegasus Smith, Mike “Little Man” Sica, Chris Tryba, Drazen Ilich, Carter Phillips, Josh Brikis and Matthew Chang.

The final 20 look like this:

Table 52

Seat Name Count
1 Mark Andre Roy 672,000
2 Empty  
3 Tuan Phan 1,060,000
4 Spiro Stathakis 687,000
5 Empty  
6 Steve Karp 302,000
7 Denis Gnidash 391,000
8 Anthony Zinno 856,000
9 Ken Taylor 754,000

Table 62

Seat Name Count
1 Hung Truong 692,000
2 Empty  
3 Danny Rohde 352,000
4 Craig Logue 185,000
5 Empty  
6 Manh Nguyen 947,000
7 Blake Mason 194,000
8 Empty  
9 Jason Steinhorn 414,000

Table 83

Seat Name Count
1 Avdo Djokovic 609,000
2 Empty  
3 Kevin Kaikko 288,000
4 Jimmy Born 510,000
5 Empty  
6 Jeff Fielder 911,000
7 Hao Le 705,000
8 Empty  
9 Mike Devinsky 1,032,000

The tournament resumes Monday at 1200 EST (1700 GMT), when players will play down to a champion. Be sure to stay tuned to for exclusive coverage of the WSOPC!

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