Global Poker Index: Seidel Still Leads, Stein Returns to Top 10



Each week, the Global Poker Index releases a list of the top 300 tournament poker players in the world using a formula that takes a player’s results over six half-year periods. Erik Seidel remains at the top and barring a huge result from somebody close behind, he’s likely to stay there undisturbed for quite some time. For a look at the entire list of 300, visit the official GPI website.

The Top 10 as of October 31, 2011

Rank Player Total Score Change in Rank from Last Week
1 Erik Seidel 2,586.96 0
2 Eugene Katchalov 2,518.15 0
3 Jason Mercier 2,474.71 0
4 Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier 2,425.51 0
5 Shawn Buchanan 2,331.45 +1
6 Sorel Mizzi 2,203.74 -1
7 Sam Stein 2,040.82 +9
8 Juha Helppi 2,031.39 +1
9 Fabrice Soulier 2,018.48 -2
10 Matt Waxman 2,003.46 0

Sam Stein is back in the top ten after about two months on the outside. At the WSOPE, Stein took fourth place in a €5,000 NLHE six-max turbo side tournament (a nonbracelet event) to improve his Period 1 results. In addition, Stein’s 38th-place finish in the 2011 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown fell into his Period 2 calculations and now counts after sitting dormant in Period 1.

Falling from the top ten this week was Tom Marchese. As we hinted at last week, Marchese’s top ten standing was in jeopardy. His third-place score at the 2010 WPT World Poker Finals fell from Period 2 to Period 3, and as a result, Marchese dropped to No. 12.

Welcome to the GPI

Aussie Daniel Neilson boasts the most impressive debut on the GPI this week, entering at No. 135 following his third-place finish at EPT San Remo (Season 8) last week. Next up is Jan Bendik at No. 174 thanks to his fifth-place showing in the same tournament.

New Additions

Player Total GPI Score GPI Rank
Daniel Neilson 1,315.46 135th
Jan Bendik 1,235.45 174th
Cristiano Guerra 1,195.14 195th
Massimiliano Martinez 1,163.20 213th
Dylan Wilkerson 1,158.92 217th
John Duthie 1,152.66 221st
Vitaly Lunkin 1,138.86 231st
Barny Boatman 1,131.56 234th
Justin Schwartz 1,076.89 263rd
Johnny Lodden 1,074.40 264th
Andrew Teng 1,068.76 271st
Micah Raskin 1,058.66 281st
Chance Kornuth 1,053.76 286th
Tom Koral 1,051.38 288th
John O’Shea 1,043.43 293rd
Lars Bonding 1,037.17 296th
Raj Vohra 1,030.83 297th
Vadim Kursevich 1,028.38 298th
Kenny Hicks 1,022.99 300th

Dropping from the GPI this week were Alain Roy, Alex Gomes, Andras Nemeth, Casey Kastle, Curt Kohlberg, Dori Yacoub, Greg Dyer, Jose "Nacho" Barbero, Justin Smith, Keven Stammen, Kevin Vandersmissen, Mark Radoja, Max Heinzelmann, Mohsin Charania, Morten Mortensen, Ramzi Jelassi, Ruben Visser, Stefan Huber, and Taylor von Kriegenbergh.

Ups and Downs

The biggest rise of the week belonged to Kevin MacPhee. Having been on the verge of dropping off the GPI, MacPhee’s eighth-place finish at EPT San Remo (season 8) last week couldn’t have come at a better time and now gives him a Period 1 result to be calculated. Also vaulting up the GPI ranks was Mike Watson. A win in a €5,000 NLHE six-max turbo tournament at the WSOPE (a nonbracelet tournament) is the key reason for his ascension.

Biggest Gains

Rank Player Total Score Change in Rank From Last Week
102nd Mike Watson 1,433.85 +136
110th Kevin MacPhee 1,411.57 +163
126th Noah Schwartz 1,356.51 +58
137th Mustapha Kanit 1,311.52 +132
141st Govert Metaal 1,308.75 +75
159th Kent Lundmark 1,265.65 +136
186th Joseph Cheong 1,213.58 +75
200th Jeff Papola 1,182.24 +100
201st Ted Forrest 1,180.52 +97
202nd Jon Spinks 1,179.91 +81

Rupert Elder took the biggest tumble down the GPI ladder. His win in April at EPT San Remo (Season 7) dropped from Period 1 to Period 2. In addition, it’s his only live score of more than five figures (this particular one was seven figures), so his GPI score as a whole is mainly based on this result.

Biggest Drops

Rank Player Total Score Change in Rank From Last Week
165th Giuseppe Pantaleo 1,254.15 -62
206th Andrew Chen 1,172.25 -65
230th Nicolas Chouity 1,140.97 -76
233rd Stephane Benadiba 1,134.08 -72
236th Daniel Colman 1,130.55 -74
237th Rupert Elder 1,126.25 -110
245th Adrien Allain 1,114.31 -103
285th Saar Wilf 1,054.36 -81
295th Adam Levy 1,039.75 -90
299th Heinz Kamutzki 1,026.95 -53

What’s In Store?

Christian Harder, currently No. 92 on the GPI, will rise significantly up the ranks next week thanks to his runner-up performance at the 2011 WPT World Poker Finals earlier this week. The same can be expected of Andy Frankenberger, currently sitting in the No. 188 spot. He took fifth place in the same tournament and will also see his GPI score rise as a result.

To look at the entire list of 300, visit the official GPI website. While you’re at it, follow the GPI on Twitter and its Facebook page.

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