The 100 WSOP Circuit National Championship Qualifiers


With the conclusion of the $10,000 Regional Championship at Harrah’s New Orleans, the 2010-2011 World Series of Poker Circuit completed its 100-player lineup for the inaugural National Championship $1 Million Freeroll. The WSOP-C began nine months ago, visited 15 venues, offered 154 gold-ring events, and drew more than 20,000 poker players to its tournaments. Now, the top 100 ranked players will head to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas this weekend (May 27-29) for their shot at a $1 million prize pool and a WSOP bracelet.

How did the WSOP-C’s final roster come to be an eclectic mix of pros and amateurs? Well, there were four different opportunities for players to qualify. Fifteen spots were awarded to the $1,500 Main Event winners from each stop, 15 spots were given to the Best All-Around Player (aka Casino Champion) at each stop, 36 seats were reserved for all the players who managed to make the final table at the four Regional Championships, and 37* “at-large” spots were awarded to the top point earners on the WSOP-C National Leaderboard.

*There were some double qualifiers who allowed for more spots to be applied to the National Leaderboard. In addition, 18-year-old John Riordan, who won the Main Event at the Palm Beach Kennel Club stop, was not eligible to play the National Championship because of his age. The legal age to play in Las Vegas is 21. As such, his spot was converted to one additional at-large position.

The cutoff for qualifying players ended up being 100 points for the season; however, there were 18 players with 100 points and only three spots available. The tiebreaker was the amount of money earned, so Stephen Kats ($43,522), David Paredes and Dan Perper ($39,346 each) were awarded the seats. This left a number of 100-point earners on the outside looking in, including notables like David “Bakes” Baker, Beth Shak, Victor Ramdin, Eugene Katchalov, and Chris Tryba.

Here is a look at the 100 players who’ll be competing in the National Championship.

James AndersonMidwest Regional Champion50011$525,449
Chris BellEastern Regional Champion50011$358,295
Ali EslamiWestern Regional Champion50011$282,242
A.J. JejelowoSouthern Regional Champion50011$235,956
Chris KlodnickiEastern Regional Final Table47502$253,757
Matt WaxmanHarrah’s Atlantic City Main Event Champion43514$189,147
Gabe PatgorskiMidwest Regional Final Table37501$324,770
Tim WestWestern Regional Final Table37501$174,443
Gary FriedlanderSouthern Regional Final Table37501$145,442
Allie PrescottSouthern Regional Final Table32503$107,977
Bernard LeeMidwest Regional Final Table32002$242,950
Ketan PandyaEastern Regional Final Table30001$159,851
Duane BlanchardWestern Regional Final Table30001$124,204
Harry CullenSouthern Regional Final Table30001$95,214
Curt KohlbergMidwest Regional Final Table27501$174,807
Micah RaskinEastern Regional Final Table27501$117,457
Steve BrecherWestern Regional Final Table27501$90,223
Dwyte PilgrimWestern Regional Final Table27504$86,015
Allen KesslerSouthern Regional Final Table267.503$46,033
Dave SandsMidwest Regional Final Table25001$131,299
Todd TerryEastern Regional Final Table25001$87,808
David PetersWestern Regional Final Table25001$66,834
Scott LipshutzSouthern Regional Final Table25001$48,673
Kurt JewellHammond Main Event Champion242.526$285,378
Shannon ShorrMidwest Regional Final Table23502$101,171
Miller DaoWestern Regional Final Table23013$88,734
Kyle CartwrightTunica Casino Champion227.535$207,205
Andy FrankenbergerEastern Regional Final Table22501$66,758
Dana KellstromWestern Regional Final Table22501$50,455
Charles "Woody" MooreS. Indiana Main Event Champion21017$145,027
Brandon AdamsMidwest Regional Final Table20001$77,556
Jason BurtEastern Regional Final Table20001$51,607
Huy NguyenChoctaw Main Event Champion19024$271,536
Tony HartmannMidwest Regional Final Table18002$63,695
Nicholas MitchellEastern Regional Final Table17501$40,538
Dylan WilkersonWestern Regional Final Table17501$30,397
Kunal PatelSouthern Regional Final Table17501$26,401
Mstr LynchRincon Casino Champion17024$157,227
Mark OwensMidwest Regional Final Table15001$48,615
Seth FischerEastern Regional Final Table15001$32,362
Jeremy GaubertSouthern Regional Final Table15001$12,000
Seneca EasleyRincon Main Event Champion13515$81,413
Samuel BarnhartTunica Main Event Champion132.514$154,357
Ian WileyHammond Casino Champion132.514$64,360
Brian AliCaesars Atlantic City Main Event Champion13012$158,911
Bobbie TalbotIP Biloxi Casino Champion12506$63,444
Brian WalsinghamNew Orleans Casino Champion12024$111,144
Christopher JohnsonCaesars Palace Main Event Champion11012$157,426
Travis LutesIP Biloxi Main Event Champion11012$96,855
Stanley QuinnLake Tahoe Main Event Champion11012$88,438
Robert GeoratoCouncil Bluffs Casino Champion107.516$33,696
Jonathan PocheNew Orleans Main Event Champion10011$121,017
Kenny NguyenChester Main Event Champion10011$94,901
Blair HinkleCouncil Bluffs Main Event Champion10011$88,555
Jesus CabreraHarrah’s Atlantic City Casino Champion9502$77,440
Adam HuiCaesars Palace Casino Champion9503$60,860
Andrew BarberLake Tahoe Casino Champion9504$20,744
Robert ScottChester Casino Champion92.503$61,369
Mun NguyenCaesars Atlantic City Casino Champion87.512$33,831
Kevin ManleyS. Indiana Casino Champion87.512$25,498
Phil StelzerSt. Louis Casino Champion82.502$63,703
Traci BrownChoctaw Casino Champion7501$143,462
Mike MortonPalm Beach Casino Champion7501$130,057
Tom FranklinAt-large197.518$74,929
Brett SchwertleyAt-large187.5210$120,420
Kevin CalenzoAt-large17008$94,586
Roland IsraelashviliAt-large17016$64,433
Nick JivkovAt-large16515$105,202
Tuan Bui LeAt-large16527$56,001
Jeremy SchwartzAt-large162.514$75,238
La SengphetAt-large15527$67,094
Shiva DudaniAt-large152.515$73,799
Joshua EvansAt-large14007$85,142
Drazen IlichAt-large13514$70,272
Joel MerwickAt-large13507$43,516
Justin KrugerAt-large132.516$41,113
Mark SykesAt-large13005$69,952
Matt LawrenceAt-large130010$52,781
Peter IppolitoAt-large13015$40,962
Trevor DeeterAt-large12509$30,398
Jessie BryantAt-large12525$29,770
Brent KellerAt-large12523$25,207
Will SoutherAt-large12014$64,312
Bruce HoytAt-large117.516$16,665
David ClarkAt-large112.519$59,525
Steve ZolotowAt-large112.503$43,034
Michael FosterAt-large112.507$42,893
John HolleyAt-large112.514$31,436
Peter MavroAt-large112.5011$16,200
Dennis SummersAt-large11013$39,317
Scott ClarkAt-large11014$18,233
Michael TraylorAt-large107.507$54,941
Matthew LopeAt-large107.514$50,807
Nadir BabckAt-large10517$26,835
Brett RicheyAt-large10502$25,574
Casey HayesAt-large102.504$35,158
Doug CarliAt-large102.508$16,839
Stephen KatsAt-large10007$43,522
David ParedesAt-large10001$39,346
Dan PerperAt-large10001$39,346

Although the WSOP-C National Championship will be televised on the Versus Network in the future, you can keep atop all of the action this weekend as the PokerNews Live Reporting Team will be reporting the event, live, from Caesars Palace.

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