Grinder Classic 2 chopped five ways at Studz



The Studz Poker Club at Calder Casino hosted the $50K guarantee Grinder Classic 2 on Feb. 11-13, drawing 132 players to generate a $66,000 prize pool.

Some of the celebrity names in the field included Michael “Grinder” Mizrachi, Momma Grinder (a.k.a Susan), Tristan Wade, Robert Croak, creator of SillyBandz, and Lily Mizrachi (a.k.a. Mrs. Grinder), who cashed in ninth place. The final five players, including former Miami Jai-Alai poker room manager Nelson Costa, chopped for $10,150 each.

“We’re very happy with the turnout,” director of poker Chris Trabue said. “This was our first multiday tournament at Studz, and we look forward to running more in the future.”

Here are the final results: 1. Nelson Costa, Hialeah ($10,150); 2. Jon Marks, Weston ($10,150); 3. Miguel Rodriguez, Hialeah ($10,150); 4. Leonard St. Germain, SW Ranches ($10,150); 5. Jorge Chaves, Hollywood ($10,150); 6. Taylor Fortini, Boca Raton ($3,168);7. Leonardo Basanta, Hollywood ($2,376); 8. Andres Becerra, Miami ($1,584); 9. Lily Mizrachi, Plantation ($1,518); and 10. Richard Blanchard, Ft. Lauderdale ($1,452).

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