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By John Lanier

Tom “durrrr” Dwan was down $1 million in two days, mostly at the hands of cadillac1944. The biggest confrontation came when cadillac1944 had the button and raised to $3K. Dwan three-bet to $9K and cadillac1944 called. The flop came 10C-8C-2D, and Dwan bet $13K. Cadillac1944 raised to $57K. Dwan bumped it to $189K and cadillac1944 made it $378K. Dwan called all-in for about $250K.

Both were draw heavy as Dwan exposed the 9C-5C-7H-6H, and cadillac1944 tabled the AC-KC-6C-9D. PokerStove says cadillac1944 wins about 60 percent of the time after the flop. They elected to run it twice, and cadillac1944’s hand was the winner after each river card, scooping the massive pot worth more than $550K.

Combined with losing other pots exceeding half-a-million dollars, Dwan ended up in the red nearly $750K to cadillac1944 over the course of the lengthy session. Dwan also dropped about $200K in other matches to finish the day stuck nearly $1 million.
Are you wondering how I know this? Try these sites:

POKERLISTINGS.COM: This site gives you the top 100 players, sorted by day, week or month. It lists games, earners and follows all the major poker sites to some degree, but follows all hold’em and Omaha games on PokerStars and Full Tilt. If you choose more information on a player you’ll get a player report on their tendencies and player type (fish, rock, etc.). There’s a breakdown of each player’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as advice on how they should improve.

POKERTABLERATINGS.COM: This is a site with a bit more scope. You can look up your stats as well as see current high-stakes poker action for free. You can watch specific cash game hands via their poker re-player feature. On the site’s main page you’ll find a listing of popular player earnings, a poker wall feature, where people post action happening online in real time.

The site also has a number of custom membership-only exclusive tools, including custom leaderboards, a poker buddy list to show if your friends are online; a real-time table-finder to locate the most profitable tables in action, and a profile search to look up player stats.

There are numerous poker forums that list trends and happenings, but these sites provide a very quick way of keeping up with your favorite nosebleed-action players.

— John Lanier plays as “WildHare” on most poker sites.

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