Poker survey serves many purposes



We love this time of the year.

The weather is breaking. Football is getting started, and baseball is getting exciting. Our favorite TV shows are back on the air. And we get to analyze the results of our annual Ante Up Readers Choice Survey.

Each year, we invite our readers to tell us what’s on their poker mind, to tell us what their favorite poker rooms and leagues are and to give us some feedback on what we can be doing better to serve you.

And this year’s survey was particularly enlightening since we broadened the questions and let you answer some of them however you like.

For example, we now know you think A-K is an overrated hand. That pot-limit Omaha will be poker’s next game. And that Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten are your favorite poker TV announcers (but just barely).

And we now know you hold 11 of the poker rooms and 12 of the poker leagues in our coverage area in the highest regard, and that many more exceed your expectations in one way or another.

And we now know what many of you would do if you were handed the keys to your favorite poker room for a day, and what you’d do if were an Ante Up publisher for a day. No doubt, the answers to those questions will go a long way toward improving the rooms we serve and the magazine you hold in your hand.

To see what our readers had to say on all of these issues, and many more, check out our survey stories in our news section of our website.

But this is just the beginning of providing feedback. Every poker room and league worthy of your business stands ready to hear your opinions whenever you want to share them. In our travels all over The South and Mid-Atlantic, we’ve never run into a poker room manager who didn’t put his or her players first. Sometimes what we want just can’t be done. But more often than not, the only reason something hasn’t been changed is that no one has asked. So don’t be bashful. Your idea could be the one that makes the experience better for everyone.

Ante Up is open for suggestions year-round, not just during our survey. If you have an idea for improving our products, drop us a line at
We appreciate that you take time out of your busy lives to read our magazine, listen to our show, use our website and participate in our events, and we want to repay that devotion by doing anything possible to enhance your enjoyment of Ante Up.
We’ll see you at the tables.

– Christopher Cosenza and Scott Long

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