Q&A with Johnny Chan



The World Series of Poker’s Tournament of Champions featured 27 of the finest poker players in the world, and none better than Johnny Chan. The two-time WSOP Main Event champ ultimately finished third in the TOC to win $100K. Moments before the final he sat down at an empty table in the Rio’s Amazon Room with Chris Cosenza, who had time to ask just 10 quick-hit questions.

What’s your favorite poker game and why? My favorite poker game is no-limit (hold’em), and it seems to me that I’ve been very good with it.

What’s the biggest pot you’ve ever won? I don’t know, $700K probably.

What’s the best poker advice you’ve ever received? I don’t remember, I’m self-taught.

Who’s the best poker player in the world? I would say Phil Ivey; the guy’s amazing.

What does poker need? I think the players need to get together to make sure the corporations don’t take so much money out of the tournament fees.

If you weren’t a poker player you’d be a … I’d probably run a restaurant or a nightclub.

Who’s your poker hero? Chip Resse was my hero. He passed away unfortunately. He just had everything together: money-management, great player, good discipline, good mentality, friendly and he knew how to get the sucker into the game.

What’s your poker dream? To win another big one.

How much money do you have on you right now? Not enough (laughs)

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