In poker, ladies equal buying power



By Lauren Failla

Are women getting more of a piece of the proverbial “poker pie?”

This is a question a year ago I would have said no to, but apparently this is changing. Within a short time, many businesses within the poker community have recognized the impact the female demographic brings to the table.

Specifically, the upcoming Canadian Poker Expo ( in Toronto is dedicating a special area for women and their businesses, as well as businesses that cater to the female demographic. The women’s zone has been designed to show the poker community this niche market has the “buying power” to drive the poker industry and start turning some heads. Other businesses are following suit, including Ksino style shirts (, which will launch a women’s line in 2010, and Poker Nations (

I anticipate in the next few years there will be a shift in products that were targeted to the male player will become mainstream. When the economy rallies, those who were skeptical of the female buying power will see women do “hold the financial cards.” Women represent the vast majority of the buying force in this country, and for a poker market that relies so heavily on buy-ins and prize pools, that fact equates to dollar signs in every aspect of the poker market.

For now, female poker players will continue to maneuver through the poker world and take what they can get. But look out: Women will be there till the river, and more than likely we’ll have the best cards on and off the felt.

— Lauren Failla writes a monthly column for Ante Up, tracking the progress of women in poker. Email her at

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