Can I earn a living by playing poker?


There is no established salary; you cannot just successfully pass an interview and start your work on Monday. You will need a huge amount of groundwork (some foundation) to try at least to turn this activity into a source of income.

A newbie in poker can be unsuccessful for a long time until he makes any progress. The level of complexity of the game itself is variable, and this process does not always have a time dependence. You can earn an annual fortune in just a few hours, and you can play for a month, and you will have just losses.

There are a lot of popular ways to play poker. The most common nowadays is online poker. It helps you to get the atmosphere of a real game while sitting at home. If you are looking for the best online casinos, including slots, roulette, and of course, poker, check this online casinos list by NativeCasinos, where experts have collected the best online gambling platforms. The reviews are done on a certain important criterion, so you can be sure that the website is reliable and worth your time.

Advantages of poker

For sure, poker has a lot of fans, and mostly all people have tried to play it. If you are still hesitating, here are the reasons to try:

  • Money – Your possibilities are quite limited in comparison with other professions, but with the help of poker, you can ensure a comfortable existence.
  • Autonomy – only you decide when, how, and where you play. At the end of the day, you are the only responsible person.
  • Flexibility – play when you want it.

To be more confident in your skills, read through the pages of the NativeCasinos website. There you will find the info, which leads you to success. Poker is worth trying, whether it is an online or real one.

In poker, you need to make decisions constantly, and the chances of winning depend on if the decision was right or no.

Consider the factor of luck and do not overestimate your abilities

In poker, the same as in real life, not everything depends on us. Luck also affects the likelihood of success in a particular business. To think of yourself as a genius, writing off ordinary luck, is a big and dangerous mistake. People tend to downplay the factor of luck when everything goes well. Therefore, at such moments, it is important to ask yourself whether this is really your personal merit and not just luck.

Do not rely on intuition

The social networks are full of motivating images with captions like “Listen to your heart” or “Trust the sixth sense and have no doubt.” With very few exceptions, this does not work in poker or life. Our intuition is not as perfect as we would like it to be. It works in everyday things that you have done many times but is not suitable for something really serious.


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